Sugar Plum Soiree

Feeling a deep need to make Christmas extra-special for your little ones this year? With all the holiday and community activities being cancelled because of Covid, we wanted to give you some inspiration on how to bring the magic back. 

To create your own Sugar Plum Fairy Soiree, begin by taking cues from the soft color pallet of the famous Nutcracker ballet. Bring in lavender, pale pink and a sprinkling of burnished gold to set the stage for your sugar-filled feast. If you do not have a tall tree to display, use an inexpensive artificial white one and set it on top of a small table to create a sense of grandness. Adorn it with an assortment of pastel colored ball ornaments and inexpensive plastic snowflakes. Finish it off with a cloud of tulle fluffed around the base and a large snowflake as a tree topper.

If you have a large piece of artwork already framed on the wall, rather than taking it down, cover the art with easy-to-remove wrapping paper and hang an iced wreath in the center to create a stunning display to welcome all your sugar plum fairies.

Clear glass serving dishes and milk glass are ideal for displaying food and sweets. Glass domes and cake pedestals elevate anything to a visual centerpiece. Create tiered food displays by stacking assorted sized cake and dessert pedestals for your cupcakes and pastries. Chargers set underneath inexpensive white plates are a great way to bring additional color and style to your table setting. In lieu of tablecloths, raid your linen closet for vintage quilts or chenille blankets for a warm cozy look. 

To create the table centerpiece, use a vintage ceramic tree adorned with delicate flower cutouts made from tissue paper. Scour online markets and auctions to find ceramic Christmas trees. Do not worry if any of the plastic “light bulbs” are missing. Take out any remaining light bulbs and cover the hole with paper cutouts in the shape of flowers. Adhere to the tree with a small spot of glue such as Elmer’s for easy removal later. Set your finished tree on a milk glass cake pedestal and cover with a clear glass dome for a show-stopping centerpiece. 

Place cards, menus, and cupcake toppers all enhance the theme of the party, letting guests know the variety of desserts and beverages available. Fun additions, such a straw flags in snowflake glasses, add whimsy to sweet sips.

No fairy would be complete without her magic wand. Put together a Wand Creation Station by displaying unadorned wands in a vintage silver champagne bucket or other vessel filled with clear acrylic beads. Craft wands can usually be found at your local dollar store. 

Put glitter in miniature glass bottles with Fairy Sparkles tags and sequins displayed in a cut glass bowl. Glue bottles receive a stylish makeover with new Sugar Plum Paste sticker labels. Your guests will love creating their very own decadent wands.

To tie everything together liberally layer snowflakes throughout the party as they are an easy and inexpensive way to embellish everything in sight. Think of yourself as frosting the entire party with sparkles and snow. Finally, no sugar plum fairy party would be complete without its Nutcracker. Find one painted white or in another pastel color to complement the hues of the party.

Your guests will be sure to leave with memories of a beautiful time, where magic was in the air and their childlike dreams came to life.

-JoElle Knight


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