Christmas Decor by Myra

‘I absolutely love the spirit of Christmas I could decorate 100 trees and not be tired of it. That’s with help of course I have been decorating other peoples houses for over 20 years now. I have a crew of elves who have been with me almost that long. We so enjoy bring joy to others. It is definitely a labor of love because it is a lot of labor, but it is so worth it. Most of my “treasurers“ I have had for years. We have a tree that snows and a tree that rotates. We have ornaments that spin on some of the trees. We have a copper tree, a red tree, a gold tree, a pearl tree, a crystal tree, and a kids tree. (The Carolers and Elves are by Jacklyn Kent.) They are very special to me.
It’s always hectic from first of November till Christmas week. It was especially crazy this year because I worked part time at Gehlhausens and decorated all their trees. We did 7 houses and one business besides our house this year. People tell me to just leave it up all year, but then it wouldn’t be special and exciting! I just love seeing everything anew each season.’ -Myra Hibbs


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