A Touch of Modern: Black Matte Interior Paint

Black matte finishes have recently become very popular in high end cars, luxury items, electronics, and even on our favorite personal items. Black can often be a stark color in a glossy format. However in a matte finish, black is becoming fashionable transforming private spaces into cozy, modern interiors.

Personally, I absolutely love matte finishes. In my opinion, black matte gives a modern yet intimate impression with a high end opulent feeling, and I use it often in product development; finding that it elevates my design work in general. I particularly appreciate the fact that matte finishes hide blemishes while glossy finishes can bring attention to imperfections. 

My favorite black matte paint is Sherwin-Williams Black Magic (SW 6991). I find that it compliments blue, beige, or a creamy white coordinating color. It’s a true black so it’s a perfect neutral that can be used in a variety of environments. I’m sharing a couple of suggestions if you want to incorporate this look into your own home.

Paint a Dynamic Accent Wall 

I am passionate about four dark walls in a bathroom. An example of this is illustrated in the photo from a restaurant, The Americano, located in Scottsdale, AZ. I believe most people are reluctant to use dark colors in small rooms to avoid making small rooms feel even smaller, but with the right lighting, dark colors can create the perception of depth. My suggestion is to paint a single accent wall first because most of the time that will be enough color to shift the aura.

My bathroom has great natural light with a large white and black shower and a tempered glass window so this color works beautifully there. It can be a refined way to create depth while keeping a stylish color palette.

In a living room, this color can elevate your communal space. I’m lucky our living room has a lot of natural light. I would suggest using a black matte in a room that has good lighting or lots of windows to let the natural light illuminate the room. I find that it has an almost reflective finish because of the matte coating.

Our living room is the room we spend the most amount of time in and it’s our gathering place. It opens to our kitchen and is often the center of attention at any party. Because of the matte finish, the room becomes inviting and contemporary exuding an edgy feel.

Don’t Forget Finishing Touches

You can do this with fixtures, mirrors, decorative elements, photography, etc., I especially love a soft bronze fixture or gold with black matte. My living room and bathroom both have metallic accents. This interior paint works well with almost any color since it’s a true black and makes all colors pop.

In my living room, I used a bold black and white textured rug that completed the room. I also staged this space with several black and white indoor planters which tie the wall and rug together and help bridge a seamless look between the vertical and horizontal.

Bringing in a little texture is also a great finishing touch. Something like a natural macrame brings unique visual interest to spaces. This can also be achieved through photography. A dramatic set of black and white prints can bring a striking gallery ambience to your home. 

Don’t Be Afraid

My husband was apprehensive when I brought home a gallon of black matte paint but after the first coat dried, he was sold. It’s enhanced our open concept in a stunning way and completely changed the mood of our home.

At the end of the day, it’s just paint and can be easily changed. The investment is a few hours of your time and the cost of a gallon of paint. It may seem like a bold choice and if you need more convincing, use the Sherwin-Williams color ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web to compare colors, see similar color palettes, or upload your own photo and paint your walls virtually at Sherwin-Williams.com

My rule: Create your personal design plan by only bringing things into your home that are both beautiful and pragmatic; daring to design with a focus on your authentic style. Happy designing!

Jacklyn Nicole 


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