A Merry Covid Christmas

This holiday season may look different than any other we’ve ever known. Some of you may still gather with your families like normal (lucky you… but please be careful if you do!). However, for others of us, decisions have already been made that it is not safe to get together for the holidays due to COVID concerns. It’s hard. I know… When my mom who is on chemo treatments texted me and told me that they had made the decision to not have us up for the holidays, my heart literally sank, but I understand why they made that decision. So my brain has to convince my heart what we can do this holiday season to make it merry and bright. As a mom myself it’s my job to figure out how we can pivot and make the most out of the remainder of 2020. We can create new memories for our families, and hopefully this is a one off year for some creative ideas that might be festive and fun while respecting everyone’s wishes to socially distance in order to keep everyone safe and healthy!

So here are some potential ideas:

1. Driveby/virtual holiday: Yes, you may have heard about driveby bridal showers, housewarmings, and baby showers this past year, but why not a driveby holiday party… Collaborate on the food, and one family is the pickup point for pre-portioned to-go bags of the dinner. Then go home, and Zoom, FaceTime, HouseParty, or Google Hangouts message each other for grace and the meal! Safely social distance for good conversation and everyone getting to enjoy the same supper and dessert! You could also make that same house the drop off/pick up point for pre-sorted presents, too, and divvy out the gifts at the same time the meal is distributed. Again, Zoom, FaceTime, HouseParty, or Google Hangouts message each other for gift opening time, too!

2. Long distance holiday: Pre-plan a designated virtual Zoom, FaceTime, HouseParty, Google Hangouts meal/present time together. Even if it’s just for a short while, something is better than nothing this year.

3. Create a scavenger hunt for your family. Either in or out of the house, make it an activity that everyone can do on their cell phones and message the group pics as they go along to be super interactive and engaging!

4. Think of an activity that can be done outdoors as a family with cousins and aunts and uncles (like Paoli or sledding locally when we get snow) to keep fresh air in the lungs and people spread apart as opposed to indoors breathing stale air. The Tri-state gets cold, but not that cold that you can’t bundle up, enjoy a hot chocolate, and get outside for a bit!

5. Host a dinner and virtual movie night. Social stream through Netflix by downloading the Netflix party extension in Chrome to allow everyone to watch the same Netflix movie at the same time (so you can literally pause and resume at the same time for bathroom and snack breaks), AND there is a chat room for everyone to share their thoughts on the film!

6. Find a version online or make up your own of virtual holiday bingo! Play it on Zoom, FaceTime, HouseParty, or Google Hangouts.

7. Create a virtual family Christmas card with your Zoom screen! It’ll totally look like the Brady Bunch, but how 2020 is that?!?! Make it dressy, fun, or throw on all the Christmas props your little heart desires!

8. Mail supplies to your family ahead of time, and then do a cookie decorating contest. Let’s see whose family deserves to be on the Great British Baking Show vs. Nailed It!

Whatever you decide to do, please have a safe and fun holiday! Wishing you a blessed and merry season of love and joy from my family to yours!

-Nikki Davis

HOME River Valley

Managing Editor

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