Collector Confessions – Why yes, I do need all these _______ (fill in the blank)! 

Does your heart skip a beat when you spot a piece of vintage china? Do you feel like a hunter in search of antique gold while hitting thrift stores? Have you almost caused an accident slamming on the brakes for a yard sale? 

If so, you’ve found your tribe! As lovers of all things thrifted, vintage and from a by-gone age – we cannot wait to show off our collections and see yours! Send us your Collector Confessions photos and share with us what makes your heart happy!

Amanda Benson Retro Pastel Pyrex

“I love to look for vintage kitchen items that are in pinks, turquoise, light blue, pale yellow, and some black/white. I like to visit antique stores, thrift shops, flea markets, garage sales, etc. in search of pieces that I don’t already have. I started my collection with 1 turquoise mixing bowl that I found for $15 in a little antique store in Roann, Indiana. This was in November of 2015.

I’ve been collecting ever since. I like to set up at local swaps and flea markets to sell some of my extras or trade for pieces I don’t have. I grew up with my mom taking me to auctions and antique stores. She’s an antique collector too. (You should see her house). I caught the bug early on.

The bright shiny colors make me happy. That’s pretty much the main reason I collect. I like to surround myself with pretty, colorful things.”

Collector’s Confessions – Nikki Davis Fenton and L.E.Smith hobnail Cake Stands

HOME River Valley’s co-editor Nikki Davis’s collector confession is for vintage cake stands!! It started with seeing her sister’s L.E. Smith glass jadite hobnail collection (including finding the elusive cake stands as gifts for her), and her collection currently includes a mix of L.E. Smith glass hobnail and moon and stars pattern, a few Fenton pieces, and miscellaneous vintage and blue glass pieces. She’s on the hunt for any blue and green vintage pieces and any hobnail L.E. Smith hobnail stands, but her dream cake stands that she is on the hunt for include: turquoise Fenton silvercrest, pink or turquoise “Spanish lace” pattern Fenton and Fenton Blue Opalescent Hobnail. Give her a shout if you come across them “in the wild” aka at a local thrift store or while rummage saling.

Collector’s Confession – Mike Linderman Retro Radios

”Hello my name is Mike and I’m a radioholic” 

Our first Collector’s Confession comes from Mike Linderman who sent us this pic of his retro radio collection. 

“I started when I was in high school and went into overdrive about 15 years ago. I look for cool designs, don’t care if they work. Last count I have close to 200.” 


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